2004-05-17 - 6:49 p.m.

After school I had a Talent Show Rehearsal. The point of the rehearsal was to set volumes and microphones for performers. I was first, after I sang my song through, I went to get my CD, and they were already changing the sound board for the dancers, but um.. they didn't mark down where they had mine and were discussing such stupidity. Question: Why is the sound board backstage where they can't even hear what they're doing? Idiots.

Neil was supposed to show up to hangout with Natasha and I. Neil is Natasha's boyfriend. He didn't show up. We hung around the school a bit and then we went downtown to see if he'd be walking or anything, cause thats where he was going to be, but... he also left a couple hours earlier... so.. he so should've been back. Anyhow, we didn't see him, so we went back to the school. Then we went to Brass Scissors and Natasha and I checked out hair styles cause I wanted to put my hair up for the talent show and had an appointment for Wednesday, 10am. Natasha saw a picture of a girl with orange and yellow streaks or hair in general, I forget what, but she wants to do that for summer, I think it'd look neat on her since she has dark hair. Afterwards we drove to Wal-mart, cause Neil planned to pick up DVD's and send in her pictures to get developed. His friend that he was with works there and no one had seen them, so they obviously hadn't been there yet. So we stopped by his friends house but there weren't any vehicles.. so we figured no ones there.

So we went to DND's (Diner and Deli). I got a turkey sandwich and a coke, Natasha didn't want anything, it's kinda weird when you're the only one with anything. I ate the first half of my sandwich, then the second half I was about to take a bite when I saw... a.. BUG! A DEAD BUG! EWWWWW! It was in my lettuce! Ugh.. at least it was dead! So I took the lettuce out, cause well it was a dead bug so it obviously wasn't crawling all over my food. I don't like to complain, so I didn't complain. I probably should've but I already ate half the sammich. lol I just took the lettuce out and ate the rest of the sandwich cause I'm weird, Natasha thinks I'm crazy. Does that seem awful? Some people eat bugs, protein, right? Heh.. I told Jodi when she took my plate away, she was just like, oh.. thanks for telling me.

While I was eating I lent Natasha my cell phone and told her to call her mom and ask what the caller id said Travis' number was. (She really wanted to hangout with Neil and the bum stood her up! Gah! She lives in the country, its not like she can stay after school every single day :P) Anyways, apparently he called her home. Why would he call her house when shes obviously down town with me? We got a hold of him and apparently he left a msg at the school for her that they wouldn't be hanging out today, so thats why he phoned her house expecting her to be home. He'd rather hang out with his friends? :P He annoys me with this little act.

Anyhow, so he was going to come to DND and meet up with us and with his friends. He knows hes picking Natasha up... and they have a 3 seat truck. I agreed to go to coffee at Tim Horton's with them. So Natasha and I met them there. When it was time to go, I heard that Mike doesn't allow more people in the truck than there are seatbelts for. Which is silly! So I asked him if its okay that he take Natasha, since she was going off to hangout with them, and I could go home. He said okay, I mentioned tha'd be four people. He obviously wasn't paying attention, cause I went to my Van solo and the four of them went to his truck, then I back out and next I know Neil and Natasha are standing beside my van, so I parked. Mike doesn't want four people in his 3 seater truck. WTF!? And Neil wants to hangout with his friends, so he ditches us. Again. Bastard. Alright, he wanted to buy DVD's at Wal-mart while he could use his friends for a ride. He also still wanted to get those pictures developed that were all the way at his house still. Why didn't he pick the film up when he was at his house earlier? Beats me, really. :P

Anyways, so I told him, dude, forget the film its not absolutely necessary that you get it today (it's Natasha's pictures anyways, whats the hurry?). She wanted to hangout with him, today, now, screw the pictures, screw the DVD's. He wanted to go rent a movie anyways so its not like they'd be watching the DVD's today, but apparently they never rented a movie to my knowledge and probably did watch the DVD's, but still. What's more important? The DVD's will still be for sale tomorrow, why is it suddenly more important to him than Natasha? That pisses me off. So he insisted he had to go get them, and took off with his friends. I said fine, you're not getting the pictures, only the DVD's, the pictures can wait, you go to Wal-mart, we'll waste time at Bill's News.

So off we left with his friends to Wal-mart and Natasha and I went to Bill's News and flipped through hair magazines, and talked with Ashley a bit. When we were about to leave, this guy Mitch came in and I had to talk to him for awhile. He's kind've creepy, but it wasted more time for us I guess. Mitch is some guy who also goes to voice. He was talking about smuggling me into a bar to go karaoking, but I kept saying, no I'm old enough.. and hes like they ID people y'know. Yes, that's fine, I have ID :P I'm older than I look. But I guess I should've just went with oh yeah, I'm too young, cause after wards he just kept telling me I should go to the bar sometime and hangout with him and his friends. I politely said no and that if I ever went I'd have to bring my own friends :P (That are much older and creepy like him!) lol Anyhow.. I don't really like people thinking I'm much younger than I am just because I look it. I look what, 17? 16? lol Apparently.

Anyhow, so we went to Jared's house, did I mention Travis wasn't even with the boys? Probably because of the three person rule. Anyhow, they weren't there yet, and it'd been about half an hour or so since we saw them. Good thing I was wise and spent extra long at Bill's News. I didn't mind hanging out with Natasha, but I knew she really wanted to hangout with Neil. I was just annoyed by the fact that he'd ditch her for guy friends he sees all the time. We drove around the block and voila they were magically there, so Natasha went in and I went home. Crazy day.

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